What Are The Attractions Of Backgammon Gambling?

The popularity of backgammon gambling, in particular via online backgammon, gives rise to the question what are the attractions of backgammon gambling? It is important to understand that, contrary to what we might imagine, backgammon gambling did not originate with the Internet but it has probably been a key element since the backgammon game came on the scenes thousands of years ago. The game of Tabula, which was the name applied to backgammon in the Roman era was played exclusively for gambling purposes.

Getting closer to our own era, the introduction of the doubling cube in the 1920′s provided a major boost to backgammon gambling. It has now become almost mandatory feature of many backgammon sets and has expanded the backgammon rules and backgammon instructions with details of how the cube should be legitimately used. For example, the doubling cube should be positioned centrally on the gaming table with the number 64 displayed uppermost, and each player can challenge the other player to double the stakes. If one player wants to offers a double, they turn the doubling cube to its next higher value and offer it to the opposing player. If the opponent accepts this double, they take the doubling cube and place it on their side of the board, thereby assuming control over the doubling cube.

Although backgammon has a long historical association with gambling, it is obvious that the appearance on the screen of backgammon software has greatly broadened the reach of backgammon gambling by providing access to the game seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day. Internet backgammon gives anyone with a connection to the Internet the opportunity to make a backgammon download that gives them the ability to play the game from the comfort of their own computer. There is no need even to spend any money on acquiring a backgammon set or joining a club since online backgammon puts players in contact with fellow backgammon enthusiasts from around the world.

The motivations for backgammon gambling have not changed a great deal over the long period of the game’s history. How to play backgammon is something that the average player soon picks up and once they acquire the basic skills, the excitement of the game encourages them to proceed from the level of novice to enthusiast. The placing of stakes on the game makes it more interesting to play backgammon in that it raises the motivation to play a good game and think out carefully your backgammon strategy. Certainly there are also some players that are very confident in their gaming skills and for them the prospects of the generous prizes available on Internet backgammon sites may become a leading factor in their interest in the game. Yet, in the great majority of cases, although very few players can honestly say they enjoy losing, the prospects of a good, entertaining game probably remains their major motivation and if gambling adds to their entertainment, so much the better.

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Problem Gamblers Want To Stop Their Gambling Addiction

Problem gamblers from all walks of life want to stop their addiction to gambling, but seem to fall short of reaching their expectations. This seems to be a similar pattern among those who have a gambling addiction. Research in this area seems to dictate to compulsive gambler that the odds of achieving success are very limited. This statement may have been true in the past, but with all the new alternative stop gambling recovery programs, gamblers can be the odds and live a normal healthy life.

The key to any successful program is the willingness of the compulsive gambler at the time they enter a treatment program. There are so many compulsive gamblers today that it amazes me that there aren’t more programs available. However on the bright side, there are a few programs that have been successful. These programs are drastically different but share a common bond. They all have been created to help those that are suffering from the negative affects of gambling addiction.

A compulsive gambler and their family members have searched endlessly to find the right program with very little success. However now with the world at their finger tips though the internet all new doors are starting to open. The amount of information now available has enabled them to head in the right direction.

There are programs that offer daily meetings, weekly meetings, private chat rooms open seven days twenty four hours and self help books.

Through new innovative programs those who suffer from gambling addiction now have hope to recover. Gambling addiction is just as serious an addiction as alcohol, tobacco and drug addiction. Our society needs to wake up and take responsibility and help those that continue to suffer.

The pain, anguish and self destructive behavior are apparent as the addiction gets out of control. Our society seems to look the other way. For example in New York City there are those that live on the streets in card board boxes. Each and every day those riding the subway walk over and even around these individuals. They do not think twice to help them. The police take notice and all they do is ask them to move to a more private area of the city. This is same at all local gambling establishments. They do nothing to help those that are addicted. They have no problem taking their money until there is no money to take. At that point they throw them out into a world where they have lost respect from friends and loved ones. They know that a large percentage of their profits come from those that are addicted. They do nothing. It is up to you and me to make that difference. By helping the compulsive gamblers to stop their addition we no longer feed the gambling establishments.

Gambling establishments should be legally responsible for the continual destruction of the people in our society. The day will come where politicians and lawmakers will open their eyes and put an end to the abuse brought on by the gambling establishments. Until then we need to take care of our own. Through proper education we need to help the compulsive gambler and family member to recover and move forward.

Problem gamblers do not have to suffer any longer. The stop gambling addiction resources available can put them and their family in the right direction. Look for well established websites that are at least two years old and find the answers to all of your questions. These websites will help you to move in the right direction. Take the time and before you know it, your lives will be a lot healthier and a lot more rewarding.

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The Passion To Play Chess

The game of chess is still as fascinating today as it was centuries ago. In the Middle Ages and during the Renaissance, to play chess was a part of noble culture and it was often used as a way of teaching war strategy. Today, people who play chess learn all about creativity, develop problem solving skills and improve their long-term strategy planning.

To play chess is probably one of the most difficult things to do in the world. And not because it is extremely demanding but because of the amount of brain power it takes to play the game. In order to play chess for hours and hours you must possess an amazing capacity to concentrate.

A game of chess has three basic phases: the opening, midgame and endgame. The opening begins the game and is the first 10 or 15 moves. During the opening, people who play chess concentrate on getting their pieces into a good position. This basically refers to controlling the center of the board and protecting ones king. The midgame is the battle time and one must do his/her best to take more of the opponents pieces. When there are only a few pieces on the board comes the endgame which eventually ends in either a draw or a checkmate.

In order to play chess, one must know some basic things and understand common rules. There are 16 pieces for each player consisting of: pawns, knights, bishops, rooks, queen and king. The object of the game is to checkmate the king and this is accomplished when the king is under attack by an opponents piece.

People who play chess experience intellectual benefits as well as social and emotional benefits. Playing chess builds and helps to maintain intellectual abilities. It is a game for kids and also for adults. Kids who play chess show an amazing improvement in their other skills, including math and reading. Adults who enjoy the game of chess are known to show improvement in their brain function.

Chess is a recreational and competitive strategy since forever. People enjoy competing in chess tournaments as much as they did centuries ago. The tradition of competitive chess began in the 16th century. The first official World Chess Champion was Wilhelm Steinitz in 1886. On the other hand, the first moden chess tournament was played in London, 1851 and was won by a german, Adolf Anderssen. Back then, certaing political and religious authorities forbade this game as they considered chess gambling frivolous.

Nowadays, chess gambling is not seen as bad as before. And much of this confidence comes with the advent of the Internet. People go online and they join one of the many chess playing rooms hoping to hit the jackpot. It’s not about who is the best, it’s about who has the better power to focus and win.

The Internet has become a big part of all our lives and the whole world has changed as the Internet gave us more power to communicate freely. One of the most amazing changes that has been brought about is the online chess gambling rooms and this has been really welcomed by the gaming culture throughout the world.

Online chess gambling only added to the popularity of the game. Visiting an online chess room opens up a new experience, a passion felt only by real players when racing against the clock. People discover chess communities and are eager to face the challenges offered by the game of chess. Chess has become very popular over the Internet and chess gambling just as well.

There are sites where you can play, sites where you can post messages regarding chess gambling and sites where you can look up information about memorable games, rules of chess and other details. There are many popular chess gambling sites ready to offer just about everything a chess enthusiast could want. The rooms are broken into ratings in order for the players to play on equal terms.

Chess has always been a game of minds, showing a person’s ability to use logical analysis as well as being able to understand their opponent’s strategy and any future moves. Invented in Persia, the game of chess has been played and is still played by millions of people around the world.

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Taking Control Of Your Gambling Addiction

Realizing you have a problem is the first step in taking control of your gambling addiction and that you are headed in the right direction. For most compulsive gamblers this is one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish.

Compulsive gamblers know that they have a problem, but do not know what to do or where to go. Every attempt at stopping their addiction ends with a stronger desire to gamble.

Gamblers need to take back the control in their life and not allow the addiction to control them. This is easier said then done. Reality plays a key role in the gambling addiction recovery process. As the gambler spirals out of control down a self destructive path, those around them start to notice that a problem exists. Those people don’t know what to do or where to go to start the process.

For the compulsive gambler and or family member educating themselves helps both to understand what is happening. Once the family member understands what their loved one is going through they can help in so many ways. Once the compulsive gambler understand what they are going through and that they can get help and change the direction of their life recovery seems to accelerate.

Based on all the limited statistics available a compulsive gambler can stop their addiction with a combination of education and communication with those they have also walked in their shoes seems to work.

The above can be achieve by getting self help books, joining stop gambling chat rooms and or meetings at Gamblers Anonymous.

The How to Stop Gambling Manual and the How to Help a Family Member Stop Gambling Manual are resources available that are easy to read and move forward as you deal directly with this addiction.

There are quite a few chat rooms available online that can offer you the additional support and realization that you are not alone. This realization helps trigger your subconscious mind into rationalization. The end result you stop gambling and you get your life back in order.

Compulsive gamblers always believe that they can beat the system and win back all their money. After each and every time they gamble they still continue to believe the next time they will win and everything will be okay.

The family member always believes that their compulsive gamblers bad luck will turn around and everything will be alright. As each day goes and more and more money is lost their rationalization kicks in and they begin to worry. They start looking for answers only to get more disillusioned.

The Stop Gambling Addiction Help Stop Compulsive Gambling Problem website is new and innovative in their approach to gambling addiction. This website not only has self help books, but a private confidential chat room and message board that allows the compulsive gambler to be themselves, understand their addiction and to move their lives in the right direction. I have found the members inside the chat room to be wonderful people who are there to help one another achieve success.

Gamblers Anonymous offers you weekly meetings that follow a twelve step program. There you will also meet people who can relate to what you are going through. They also have a program for family members.

No matter which program you decide to explore the bottom line is the end result. Have you been successful in stopping your addiction or your loved ones addiction? There are times where you will have to try a couple of programs until you find the one that works for you.

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